Gary is War's understudy, though why he was chosen for the position is anyone's guess. After all, Gary's a love-preaching, yoga-practicing, tree-hugging peacenik who absolutely abhors violence of any kind. He is very outspoken and tends to go on at length about passivity, non-aggression and respect for his fellow man (which is odd, given the fact that he's not exactly human). He often travels to suffering nations as a volunteer with various charitable organizations but since he's a personification of war, conflict inevitably follows in his wake. He has subsequently been blacklisted by every major international, non-governmental, non-profit organization. Gary is a vegan, refusing to eat or use any products coming from animals and spends thousands of dollars a month on tofu and organic fruits, nuts and vegetables. Although he'd rather be wearing sandals, beads and tie-dye shirts, as part of his job he's required to wear armor and to carry a battle axe.