Mal, the stand-by for Pestilence, is a raving hypochondriac who spends the bulk of his free time on the Internet, looking up the symptoms of all the incurable diseases that he's convinced himself he's contracted. He's sealed himself off in a hazmat suit to avoid contamination by germs and bacteria and goes through more bottles of hand sanitizer a day than most major metropolitan hospitals do in a year. One tangible upside to his condition, however, is that he always keeps the apartment spotless, religiously scrubbing every surface twice a day with soap and disinfectant. He even keeps an autoclave specifically for the sterilization of his own personal set of eating utensils, which he won't allow anyone else to touch. His obsessive personality has caused considerable friction between him and his roommates, whom he often accuses of being filthy and unhygenic. He also has no sense of humor, reacting with anger and hostility towards the numerous practical jokes his roommates play on him.