Todd is a distressingly common sight around San Palillo City, particularly in the Trenches. Once an apprentice studying under Death himself, Todd branched out and started up his own practice as a journeyman upon completion of his training. Of all the horsemen-alternates, Todd is easily the one most qualified for his position and he carries out his duties with dedication and professionalism. It is worth nothing that Todd is not invisible, but rather most people unconsciously block him out, refusing to acknowledge him for who he is lest they go insane. Those who are dead or dying have little choice, though, and despite his ghastly appearance, Todd goes to great lengths to come across as friendly and non-threatening. He has a well-cultivated bedside manner, often chatting and making small-talk with the newly deceased as he leads them to the Land of the Dead in order to make the transition a little less traumatic. If asked, he is willing to play a game with dying humans for their lives but since this eats up a lot of valuable time, he never offers the option himself. Todd is incredibly fond of cats and would totally keep one as a pet were it not for Mal's constant complaints about allergies.