San Palillo City is divided into three main districts - The Trenches, Downtown and Las Playas.
The Trenches is San Palillo's industrial zone and is so named because of the constant state of war that engulfs the streets. Various rival gangs vie for control while those that live here struggle every day to hang on to their little slice of turf. This is where you'll find the docks, warehouses, garages and factories, as well as the red-light district, low-income housing projects and Chinatown.




Downtown is the central business district of San Palillo, where all the major corporations have their offices. Here you'll also find the big banks, law firms and the municipal government along with various national broadcasting networks. During the day, the Downtown district is bustling with businessmen, lawyers and politicians but once the sun goes down, it becomes a dark, deserted and dangerous place.



Las Playas is an upscale residential suburb - home to celebrities, doctors and business people. It is the most affluent neighborhood in the state by both household income and property values. Multi-million dollar mansions line the beachfront and there are more membership-only golf courses here per capita than any other place in the nation.