Galaxy 1-950-B is the designation of a parallel dimension where life in the far-flung future of the year 2000 is exactly as was predicted by 1950s science fiction B-movies. Spacemen zoom around the universe in atomic-powered rocket ships and intelligent robots are as commonplace as bulldozers. And then there are the flying cars, everywhere. Can't forget the flying cars.
In this shiny, chrome-plated future, Captain Ace Nova is the galaxy's most dashing space hero, having single-handedly saved the universe countless times from marauding aliens and megalomaniacal supervillains alike. He and his crew were out exploring the galaxy one day in their ship, the Supernova, when they stumbled across a dimensional rift and were sucked in. After a fiery crash landing, they emerged from the wreckage to find themselves stranded in San Palillo. And imagine their further shock to learn that everyone recognized them as fictional characters from the cheesy old TV serial Captain Nova of Star Patrol!